G.I. Joe Built to Rule Locust Review

G.I. Joe Built to Rule Locust Review

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Ashley Wilbanks

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Welcome to a new episode of Figure Attack! In this episode I am taking it back about 20 years to review the G.I. Joe Built to Rule Locust and Hollow Point set. These LEGO inspired sets were an awesome way to get more play value from the G.I. Joe line. Should you hunt these down, or leave them in the past? Watch and find out!

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To Rule G.I. Joe building sets are like Transformers meets LEGO meets G.I. Joe. With this building set you can build the more standard-issue Locust helicopter or the more stealthy laid-back Swampbuggy vehicle. This set is compatible with LEGO sets and other similar building systems although the pieces don’t quite have the snug fit that LEGO does. This set also comes with a 3-inch action figure Range Officer nicknamed “Hollow Point” whose specialty is helicopter rescue and recon. He’s articulated at the arms and legs and can snap onto the outside of the vehicles or ride inside them for more daring airborne action. Comes with 28 pieces and illustrated instruction booklet.

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