Mattel's DC Toy Fair Display (photo by @Nightwing2xxy)

First Look at Mattel’s DC Toys at Toy Fair 2019

Thanks to @Nightwing2xxy on Twitter we have our first look at a few of the DC Comics action figures Mattel has on...
DC Super Hero Girls

First Look at New DC Super Hero Girls Figures at Toy Fair 2019

Our first looks are slowly starting to trickle in from the show floor at Toy Fair 2019. One of our first looks...
DC Comics Batman Missions Albino Man-Bat Action Figure

New 12″ Batman Action Figures from Mattel!

2019 will be the last full year of Mattel holding the master license for DC Comics toys. Don't expect them to hold...
DC Multiverse 2019

What’s to Come for Mattel’s DC Multiverse in 2019?

With SpinMaster taking over the DC action toys license from Mattel in early 2020, know one is still quite sure of the...
Shazam Merchandise from David Sandberg

Even More Shazam! Merchandise Revealed Thanks to David Sandberg

This past week the first toys based on the upcoming Shazam! film started showing up at Walmarts around the country, and were...
Thunder Punch Shazam! (photo by Michael Welch)

Shazam! Merchandise Hitting Early, Then Getting Pulled

It is always inevitable that movie merchandise will hit store shelves before the street date. It just happens. Shazam! seems to be...

Former DC Multiverse Designer Jason Langston Answers Fan Questions About the Line

The Youtube channel DC Universe Geek got a chance to sit down with former DC Multiverse designer Jason Langston to talk about...

Mattel Released New Aquaman with Warrior Shark Commercial

In a move that we don't see nearly enough of anymore, Mattel has decided to try and capitalize on the success of...
Mattel Logo

Mattel Loses Part of their DC Comics License, What Does this Mean?

Some very disturbing news broke yesterday that resulted in Mattel's stock to take a huge dive. This news isn't good considering the...
Aquaman Tru-Moves Movie Action Figures

New Aquaman Tru-Moves Figures at Amazon!

Recreate Aquaman's movie battles with Aquaman and the lethal Super-Villain Black Manta! These 11.5-inch scale figures have 11 points of articulation, state of the...
Aquaman - Gladiator Figure 2pk

Target Exclusive Aquaman Gladiator Figure 2pk

Target is the exclusive home to the new Aquaman - Gladiator Figure 2pk from Mattel! Recreate the ultimate Aquaman movie battles with this compelling,...
AQUAMAN & Warrior Shark Figure & Creature Pack

New Aquaman Movie Toys on Amazon

More Aquaman merchandise from Mattel has started hitting sites for pre-order. Amazon has a couple of new and interesting 6" figures in this latest...



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