Kenner Super Powers Collection Archive

Super Powers Collection Action Figures


Series one

Figure Accessories Power Action Year of Release
Aquaman Trident Deep Sea Kick 1984
Batman Removable cape Bat Punch 1984
Brainiac  NA Computer Kick 1984
The Flash (Barry Allen)  NA Lightning Legs 1984
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Lantern Ring Thrust 1984
Hawkman Mace, removable wings Flight Wings 1984
The Joker Mallet Madcap Mallet 1984
Lex Luthor Removable chest plate Nuclear Punch 1984
The Penguin Umbrella, removable coattails Umbrella Arm 1984
Robin (Dick Grayson) Removable cape Karate Chop 1984
Superman Removable cape Punch 1984
Wonder Woman Lasso Deflector Bracelets 1984


Series two

Figure Accessories Power Action Year of Release
Darkseid Removable cape Raging Motion 1985
Desaad Removable “skirt” Shock Squeeze 1985
Doctor Fate Removable cape Mystic Spell Cast 1985
Firestorm  NA Atomic Punch 1985
Green Arrow Bow, 3 arrows Archery Pull 1985
Kalibak Beta-club Beta-club Swing 1985
Mantis  NA Pincer Thrust 1985
Martian Manhunter Removable cape Martian Punch 1985
Parademon Gun Battle Flight 1985
Red Tornado Removable cape Tornado Twist 1985
Steppenwolf  NA Electro-Axe Chop 1985


Series Three

Figure Accessories Power Action Year of Release
Cyborg Drill hand, claw hand Thrusting Arms 1986
Cyclotron Removable face/chestplate Cyclo-spin 1986
Golden Pharaoh Staff Soaring Wings 1986
Mr. Freeze Removable dome Cold-blast Punch 1986
Mr. Miracle Removable cape, shackles Wrist Lock Escape 1986
Orion  NA Astro-punch and Changing Face 1986
Plastic Man  NA Stretching Neck 1986
Samurai Sword, removable vest Gale-force Spin 1986
Shazam! (Captain Marvel) Removable cape Thunder Punch 1986
Tyr Firing gun-hand Rocket Launch 1986


Mail-Away Exclusive

Figure Accessories Power Action Year of Release
Clark Kent  NA  Punching Action 1986


Super Powers Collection Vehicles

Name Accessories Year of Release
Batcopter  Detachable Nose Cone 1986
Batmobile 1984
Darkseid Destroyer 1985
Delta Probe One 1985
Justice Jogger 1986
Kalibak Boulder Bomber  Boulder, Spearheads, Maces 1985
Lex-Soar 7  Kryptonite Crystal 1984
Supermobile 1984




Name Accessories Year of Release
Hall of Justice 1984