Thursday, January 20, 2022
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The most famous “creature of the night” in Gotham City might be Batman, but there is another who is far more fearsome and deadly – the Man-Bat. Originally a renowned zoologist named Kirk Langstrom, he invented a formula which was intended to give a regular person the sonar sense of a bat, something that could help the vision impaired and the deaf. He unfortunately tested the formula on himself, which transformed him into a half man, half bat creature, with giant leathery wings and razor sharp claws. Losing his sanity upon becoming a sort of “were-bat,” he came into conflict with Batman, who was able to restore him to human form once more.

Unfortunately, the Man-Bat persona would continue to reemerge over the years, and at one point even Langstrom’s wife and son were similarly transformed into monstrous human/bat hybrids. There were times that Man-Bat lost his sanity and any semblance of humanity and became a villain, and at other times, he maintained enough of his faculties as to use his powers to become a heroic figure, even working alongside the likes of the Justice League Dark. Constantly flipping between the light and dark, the Man-Bat remains one of the strangest and most tragic figures in Batman’s rogue’s gallery.

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