Super 7 Ultimates ThunderCats Lion-O Review

A few days ago I got caught up in the hype of Super 7’s Ultimates line. With their recent announcement of Silverhawks and Transformers in the Ultimates line, I knew I was in trouble. I asked myself, “what would a shelf full of my favorite pop culture/cartoon characters, in the same scale look like?” Well, it looks as if I will soon get my answer.

Upon learning of the new licenses, I immediately sought out other Ultimates that I might want to add to the collection. After joining the Super 7 Buy Trade Facebook Group, a deal popped up that was too good for me to pass up. Thanks to that deal, I ended up with the Lion-O figure you see in the video review below.

So take a few minutes out of your day, and watch my review.

Ultimates ThunderCats Lion-O Action Figure

With the ThunderCats Ultimates Lion-O action figure from Super7 you can relive the excitement of the classic ThunderCats cartoon like never before. Each 7-inch super-articulated deluxe action figure comes straight from Third Earth to you, beautifully painted and featuring a huge variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

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