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Kaiyodo has announced a re-release of their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Harley Quinn Figure, this time with a brand new paint application. The “New Color Version” of Harley Quinn sees a playful red and blue costume, with a few cosmetic changes to boot. The original version, featured the standard red and black look for Harley Quinn.

The piece should be available in December. Check out the image gallery and details below.

One of DC’s most popular villains, Harley Quinn, is wearing a red x blue color costume and new face parts!

  • A wide range of motion is ensured by the joints that were placed in an exquisite position by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, a movable magician that Kaiyodo boasts. From action poses using the whole body to cute and comical poses, a wide range of poses can be added according to the play value!
  • The characteristic two-tone costume color of the New 52 version is reproduced in [red x blue]!

The red pearl and the blue pearl have an exquisite luster and texture to create a Harley finish that’s pop and bad. The optional face comes with a planed face and a new molding that expands the bubble gum.

The eye shadow coloring has been changed to match the costume to make it even more cute! 

All face parts have movable eyeballs, expanding the range of play value. A full range of optional parts! Large hammers and bats that often appear in the play are also included in new colors. Of course, both parts can be equipped with comical onomatopoeia effect parts, and you can produce a comical expression as if you were jumping out of the comic.

Also included are roller skates that can be replaced with boots. The twin tail part can be connected to the joint to move according to the pose. Harley’s crazy and energetic atmosphere is further enhanced.

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About Kaiyodo:

Kaiyodo is a Japanese company specializing in fine statues and figures grounded primarily, but not exclusively, in anime themes. Their stable of talented sculptors includes the famous Bomé, whose works are quite well-known and pursued by collectors. The Kaiyodo collection features unique, colorful, and delicately detailed figures that look great and grab attention wherever they are displayed!

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