Friday, January 28, 2022
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A new very cool, New Zealand Mint Chibi Coin Collection has launched with DC Comics super hero BATMANTM! New Zealand Mint is thrilled to be the first in the world to introduce this collectible coin category.

If you are not familiar with chibi, it is a much-loved art style featuring characters with large heads, large eyes, and small bodies. The head of a chibi character is normally anywhere between one third and one half the character’s height. Typically, chibi characters lack the detail of their normal counterparts. Although if a character has a signature characteristic (odd hair, a particular accessory, etc.) this will typically be prominent on the chibi version.

All the coins in the collection will be made from 1oz of pure silver, shaped and colored. An effigy stamped on the obverse will confirm it as a legal tender coin. Only 2,000 of each will be minted.

They will arrive inside a specially designed case, moulded to the coin’s shape. The outer box will be themed to each character and include a large window to allow you to easily display these truly unique collectibles, without having to remove them from the packaging! A Certificate of Authenticity will be printed on the box, along with confirmation of the coin’s unique number in the mintage.

You can order yours right now at for $95.00.

Other coins coming in the DC Comics line look to include The Flash and Superman. Their website teases shadowed coins, so I can only guess at who those characters would be.

Ashley Wilbanks
Owner and Managing Editor of and He loves comics, comic collectibles, movies, video games, and NFL Football.

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  1. Hi Ashley, Zoe from New Zealand Mint here! I’d love to connect with you so I can send you info on our upcoming DC Comics coin releases. If you’re keen, feel free to contact me via email. Thanks for the awesome news post above!

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