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Spin Master has released a few images of some upcoming figures that should be hitting retail this Fall. The images or of Batman: The Caped Crusader Wave 2 and DC Heroes Unite Wave 2. Of course I will post additional information about these two new waves as it is provided. Until then, check out all the details for the two new waves of Spin Master DC figures below.

Batman: The Caped Crusader Series 2

The new figures in this wave include an alternate Batman, Batwoman, 2 variant Joker figures, Killer Moth, and Robin.

DC Heroes Unite Series 2

The new figures shown include Aquaman, Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman.


Spin Master (TSX: TOY; is a leading global children’s entertainment company that creates, designs, manufactures, licenses and markets a diversified portfolio of innovative toys, games, products and entertainment properties. Spin Master is best known for award-winning brands including Zoomer®, Bakugan®, Erector® by Meccano®, Hatchimals®, Air Hogs® and PAW Patrol®. Since 2000, Spin Master has received 103 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations with 28 wins across a variety of product categories, including 13 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year. To date, Spin Master has produced nine television series, including 2007 success Bakugan Battle Brawlers and current hit PAW Patrol, which is broadcast in over 160 countries and territories globally. Spin Master has 28 offices and employs over 1,700 people globally in Canada, United States, Mexico, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Australia.

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  1. Looking for the DC comics action figure lex luthor 4in figure. Haven’t seen it in stores yet,but have already purchased wonder woman, Aquaman twin pack,and others.

    • Nice, I haven’t really been out and about too much because of the whole mess we are in at the moment, so I haven’t seen any of the new product just yet. Hoping to grab some soon.

      • This site is awesome. i live in ohio and hit walmart, target and wherw i found the newest figures was jungle jims in Cincinnati. if you guys are in the Cincinnati area do yourself a favor and check out jungle jims. its one of those places you could take the family and spend the entire day. Found Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Aquaman there tonight. Last week i found the purple joker at walmart. Im actually enjoying these spinmaster toys. Happy hunting!

  2. Yeah the lex luthor is the only one I can’t find. I have both chase gold Batman (wave 1 & 2-completely different figures) chase flash, chase Superman, Batwoman, killer moth, both killer crocs, chase robin…spin master is very low key about these figures. They make it seem like oh it’s a couple but after all the case metallics and sets there are like 30 different figures. If anyone knows where a lex luthor is or has one and would like to sell it please let me know.

      • Honestly I would check out for the sets (aquaman vs black manta, Superman vs darkseid) those are around $14.99 now and you can prob get a 2 figure pack from SM direct for the same with Batman and joker (wave 1?) and the flash and Shazam. but I don’t like paying $49 for individual figures that retails at $7.98. But honestly I’d do that for lex luthor right about now lol I saw one for that price and it sold almost immediately. I’ve had the best luck at my local Target and Walgreens for the rarer figures. But as far as the Joker Walmart In store is where I found all the Jokers. (Wave 1 and wave 2 black suit and purple glove variant). The wave 2 gold chase Batman tho I have not found anyone have it. Not even one sell online or a mention of it. So def keep a look out because people may see it and think “I already have it” meanwhile it’s not the same. You’ll notice it’s face is all gold and it’s Batman in his tactical suit (which looks way better) best of luck. If you need any and I’d be happy to grab them during my travels and sell for what i paid for them.

  3. I was able to grab a lex luthor so I’m good now. Lol but I was going through the figures and realized Spin Master released so many figures and really didn’t disclose them. Was this a marketing ploy or pandemic confusion. Shazam for example has two variants. Then the wave 2 gold Batman which Is a different figure than the first.

  4. Hold ya horses! Walgreens has them too? Gold batman variant? Put some pics of the variants so I can see what they look like. I thought I has most of them but I am missing some now. I am on wave 2 currently with Batwoman, Robin, and black suit joker so far. Looking for the rest. I get there. This shazam variant? Is it a wave 2 or did I just miss it in wave 1

    • I don’t know how to post a picture on here but there are two gold Batman’s. Wave 1 and wave 2. There are two different Shazam. Two different flash. Two different aquaman. Two different Superman. Four different robins. Three jokers and a whole lot of Batman’s. A lot.

      • Honestly spin master is good I’ve never collected toys before but these reminded me a little bit of the figures when I was a kid so I started buying them for my son. Then i turned into me buying all of them…for myself. Fml

  5. Making it difficult to get them all now. I am have to look more closely now. Thanks. I got 3 of the black superman just because it amazing and so I could actually open one up. I am collecting them and having fun looking for them. Did not know walgreens had them. Walmart and Target were my places. Now I have to look in Walgreens too

    • Spin master was clever with this line. Yea Walgreens is a good spot to grab a few Batman but it seems like they only stock one when one is sold. The lex luthor was the one I had the hardest time with. I had to order it. But those sets were tough too. I could only get them on online But I wouldn’t pay $30-50 for them. They keep restocking for $15.99 and even list individual chase figures time to time. Like metallic robin (guardian) they stocked him and I was able to get 3 of him for $7.98 and Like I said before DC wise Target is where I found Wonder Woman, Flash (metallic and non metallic) both Shazam, aquaman, cyborg. But Batman I found all at Walmart. It seems like they stock but once a month at least near where I live which is northeastern pa and that was actually yesterday all the Walmart’s stocked this line. Luckily I have 6 Walmart’s all within 20 min of me but one target in an hour drive. If you need any certain figures and I have them still in box and extra I’m happy to sell for what I paid for them. All I ask is the favor in return.

      • I made the mistake of opening ALL of them up. Lol now I’m rebuying. I only need a few like regular flash, 1st wave joker and a black suit Superman lol 😂 if you ever want to trade I’ll send a purple glove variant joker for your black suit Superman

  6. I enjoy the thrill of searching for them. Planning a walgreens trip to see if I find any. Restock at Target should be soon since my last trip saw it empty. I am hoping I catch Lex, Aquaman, and wonder woman. And now I have to look for shazam and Gold batman Variants for which I habe no idea what I am looking for.

    • If I could post a picture I would. The Shazam is subtle but it looked a bit different so I grabbed it and the gold Batman was the same thing. It looked different. At first I thought it was an error but if you look at the checklist from wave 1 Batman and a checklist for wave 2 you’ll see the “gold chase” Batman is in a different stance. Almost opposite. Like I said it adds up to be almost 30 different individual figures and that’s not even including the different “missions”. Like it took me a while to find a 2nd Batwoman and to find the right mission to get her purp chest armor

    • If you search wave 2 spin master Batman into eBay there is a listing for $135 (crazy) and it has the 2nd gold chase Batman I’m referring to.

  7. I’m in Canada and cannot find Wonder Woman or Lex Luthor – really want, but the best bet in Canada is only Toy R Us or Walmart. I have had more luck in Walmart but not sure why there is never any WW or Luthor ever in stock! 🙁

    • I found Wonder Woman one time at target. Lex luthor I had to buy online and I literally just got him today. But I did notice when they restock it’s usually 1 of each except Superman and Batman tactical. So one Batwoman, 1 killer moth, 1 joker black, 1 joker purple, 1 robin red. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a dc figure out of this line from Walmart. I am almost sure all of them came from target.

  8. I think they are just rolling out. They barely surface I think end of May and start of June. So give it time and you will find them. I know i find them eventually

  9. Hey All, I have been buying and adding “underwear” on top to these figures lol.
    I still need Wonder Woman, Flash (reg with yellow trim), Joker (purple with orange), and Lex Luthor.
    I am in Canada BUT will gladly pay the shipping if anyone can help me out…

    • Non DC Spin-master related ,I know my apologies. By any chance does the Canada Walmart’s carry the GIJOE retro line action figures. They said they were released out there and I haven’t seen anyone with leaked photos.

    • Wave 1 joker? And any mission lex luthor? I only have one each Wonder Woman. But I know I have a double or a lex luthor (I can’t remember which mission) flash I only have one of each of his missions too.

  10. Soo here we are in July,and still no sightings of 4in Lex Luthor. But I did manage to buy a new wave that consists of Nightwing with a red chest emblem as they claim is super rare, a hooded Robin,Talon,Firefly & Bronze Tiger. Maybe a possible new Batman which I may have seen but didn’t pay mind thinking it was another version.

  11. Yeah I got talon, hooded robin, firefly, red night wing, bronze tiger, bronze tiger mega gear and the new Batman mega gear (I’m almost sure is new, it’s not the blue mega gear) which is like helicopter pack (pretty awesome) . I can’t find the wave 3 gold chase or wave 3 battle Batman. Good luck all.

    • I gotta say lex and Wonder Woman were the hardest to get. Let me rephrase Wonder Woman was hard to find in stores twice. Lex luthor I got on eBay but I actually found some in stores recently when I was searching for the target exclusive Batman comic (which I found) Like I said target is the only store I’ve ever found solo DC (not Batman) aquaman, Shazam, flash, lex etc. it seems Wonder Woman Lex luthor and aquaman they only ship one figure each shipment along with a bunch of Superman. I wanted to do a post with pictures of these because I don’t think other collectors know how many of these figures there are and variants. Not including each figure and their missions. I’m not going to lie my wife is annoyed. I’ve had to get storage bins because of this.. My wife lost all respect for me at this point.

  12. It’s crazy to think a month ago they were releasing wave 2. In curious to see what the next wave of DC will be. But the wave 3 Batman figures are awesome. They have the standard grey suit rebirth Batman that is in every Walmart Walgreens and target but they release a chunky battle version that looks killer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the next wave of DC will have the gorilla grodd, reverse flash, green lantern and brainiac. Probably along with that gold chase Wonder Woman.

  13. Wave 3 is out? I havent even finish wave2. I really need pictures of all the variants and all figures overall. Still looking for lex, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, joker purple gloves and variants. Everyone is beating me to the figures. If ya have twitter let me know bc that all I have. Ya can post pictures there. Lou lol about your wife being annoyed. My gf helps me to find these and we go on amazing target adventures or so I tell her. Date night looking for toys lol. She is amazing

    • Lol it’s gotten out of control and they released this new wave out of the blue. if you want shoot me an email I can send you pics of all of them and the variants. Also I have extras of the ones you’re talking about too.

    • Hey Rudi I just saw this I’m sorry. I’ll be down with my collection on Tuesday (I couldn’t keep it all in my house. I didn’t trust her. I was convinced she’d throw it away when I’d leave) so I’ll take a picture of everything. Even the newest ones. They released a new Batman gear set. They released the bat cave with exclusive Batman (go on $44) but I’ll take a pic of the other newest too like metal Superman, the target exclusive “joker vs Batman set” and the “copperhead vs Batman set”. Also the gold wonder woman is another chase to look out for. I was able to get one. I haven’t seen the newest tactical suit Batman(s) but I seen in the pictures at toy fair and they look awesome. Also they’ll prob be releasing the two pack sets too(green lantern vs braniac and gorilla grodd vs the flash) just a heads up.

      • Also if you haven’t noticed they are releasing “2nd edition” figures now. You’ll notice that they don’t have the 1st edition sticker on them and the barcodes are different.

  14. Its bad over here. The new wave dont show up over here as fast as in Canada or California. I still havent seen aquaman, lex, or wonder woman. I looked in about 10 different targets

  15. Haven’t seen any DC past the first wave. I’ve found bits and pieces of Wave 2 and 3 Batman though. Michigan area here. I really want Wonder Woman and the Darkseid 2-pack. Just found Copperhead with ATV and Batman at a Walmart yesterday though!

  16. Hey Rudi I mail dropped those photos. There’s a lot and it may be a little disorganized 😅 lol but if you look at the Shazam’s you can see the paint different but you can definitely see the difference in paint on the back card stock of the figure. Also the cyborg and variant I sent. Let me know what you think. You gotta get one of the launch rc cars lol I bought two so me and my kids can launch the joker after trying to steal the bat mobile. They love it lol

  17. Hey Rudi I’ve been trying to send. I think it’s because it’s too large. I’ll email my cell and I can text you everything. Keep an eye out too because green lantern dropped. I got him in and he’s an awesome figure. Also Aquaman is going to be released soon along with gold chase Superman. But the aquaman isn’t the long hair bearded version as we seen. It’s the short blonde hair clean shaved original aquaman.

  18. And spin master released 2 R/C cars. One R/C $39.99 car with the ability to launch the 4-inch figures. One $19.99 R/C car that is a bit smaller with no 4-inch figure features. Also they released the bat mobile for the 12-inch figures too.

    • Oh shoot one more thing TARGET has ANOTHER exclusive Batman. It looks similar to the 1st exclusive however the bat symbol on Batman’s chest is black instead of gold and his suit has a shinier appearance than before. Happy hunting. Again if anyone needs pics of that just email me number and I’ll text it.

  19. And keep an eye out for cyborg his variant is out too. I found one. But his silver is a darker gray and he has more black paint on his suit. Just in case anyone sees a cyborg and thinks not to buy it because they have it. It maybe the variant.

  20. Lou. 6786173276. Send me any pics you got. I finally got gold rare batman, red nightwing, talon and two other that my girlfriend will not disclose currently as a way of toying with me. I keep an eye out for the 19.99 batmobile rc. The 12 inch batmobile looks cool i might get even though i dont like the 12 inch figures

  21. Hey Lou. Is there two Talons? A variant one? Also, the new armor superman does he also have a variant? Last night I found, bronze tiger, hooded robin, talon, variant firefly, new superman, copperhead and batman pack, and variant cyborg. Still need a good bit of them though

  22. Hey all. Rudi I there isn’t a talon variant that I know of and I didn’t know of a firefly variant. Let me know what it looks like. But man…they pushed these things out. They’ve released so many and there are two I haven’t got my hands on and that’s the Flash (yellow) and the glow in the dark Shazam. I haven’t looked at all my past Shazam figures to check but as far as I know I don’t have it. I know the 12inch line they just released another target exclusive I just picked up which is Batman and bane (which is awesome) I’m hoping they release a new wave right before Christmas and they release that bane in a 4inch because it’s exactly how bane should look.

  23. Rudi Costco has a pretty cool exclusive 12 inch Batman with batmobile btw. Also they released the limited edition 12 inch Batman with a really big cape which is awesome. I bought one for myself (to hold on to) and one for my son to play with and he loves it. The cape doesn’t fray like the other ones.

  24. Oh wait there is one other figure I don’t have and if anyone can tell me where to buy it in store I’d be forever thankful. It’s the red variant Batman.

  25. Another wave of figures were released. The riddler, Tech Batwoman, Tech Robin, Batman rebirth (again) tech Batman, rare blue Batman, tech joker? and rare joker that is clear purple. It looks like they did away with the mission cards too. Which is a plus in my opinion because collecting got to be over the top when some of these figures and variants and missions. The 3 mystery items are in pullouts on the back of the package. It is also a completely redesigned package. Also to let everyone know the new wave I found at target. Happy hunting’s y’all.

    • Still working on mine. Need a few. Armor batman variant(i have the gold an another but i think there are three). Shazam with green. Green latern if exist. The batman you are looking for. Gold joker, superman and other if they exist. Any other store besides walmart and target that sell them? Walgreens stopped. I look all the time.

  26. Lou you need to write down a list of all figures. 4 inch. Variants and all. Think you have more than me. You have the green latern one? Gold superman or joker?

    • Yeah I have all of those. Including the new clear purple joker. Oh shoot Rudi that Walmart has on their site now their exclusive set which includes a new Batman and Bane with 12 accessories.

      I’m seeing last wave at Walmart now. Like cat woman, king shark with blue hands stuff like that. But the new bat mobile and new 4 inch figures I’ve only seen at target. Except the bane exclusive that one I’ve only seen online at Walmart. I haven’t been to a Walgreens for a few weeks now. They stock only 1-2 a time of these figures for some reason. I did notice kohl’s now has them In store. I saw a green lantern there and 2nd edition Wonder Woman there as well.

      The flashpoint Batman I finally broke and ordered it on eBay. For the life of me I could not find that figure any where. I was able to track down literally every one in store except that. I’m not even sure what store sold it. As for the figures I have every figure including variants and 2nd and 3rd editions. The only figures I have 1 of with no additional missions are the flash point Batman (red) and the flash (reverse) I want to order the other missions for these at some point if I can’t find them in store and it’s hard to get a seller on eBay to send a barcode for some reason.

      • Yeah there are three armored Batman. Black, grey, and gold. I was going through my stuff and realized bronze tiger has a variant. There are it’s bronze gray standard pants and then a black outfit bronze tiger. I never noticed it before but there is a variant.

  27. Also I noticed there’s a guy on YouTube. He does unboxing for Japanese toys and such but he started unboxings for the spin master 4-inch line and I’m telling you he is doing these weeks or even months sooner than others who do unboxings on YouTube for this line. He’s actually how I found out about the new line. His YouTube is called SO-DO POP. I have opened 0 of the newest wave so it was actually pretty cool to see what accessories come with them on his channel lol

  28. Yeah I just found the red flash point batman today! At walmart. Random luck! Of old line i just need gold joker if it exist and now I guess variant bronze tigers. I still need the green latern and gold superman from the other boxes. Man i am about yo look into kohls. Didnt know .

  29. I need that bane 2 pack. Cant find it at target. I ask the guy on youtube for a link. Wow. I am about yo head up to kohl to loon around.

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