One of the cool new products coming from the fine folks at Fisher-Price in their Imaginext line, debuted at Toy Fair 2020. It is a new approach to the “blind bag” phenomenon. Their idea is called Slammers.

The idea is that you get a box which could include a random Batman, Mr. Freeze, or Joker figure. Each box has a piece of plastic protruding from the top. By slamming the box down on a table (plastic piece first), it forces the figure to pop out of the box, revealing which one you will get.

The box also contains a small vehicle for the figure to use, which the plastic piece sticking out of the box, inserts into.

There are three different plastic pieces – red, white, and black. These indicate which character you will be getting. Red is for Joker, white is for Mr. Freeze, and of course black represents Batman. There are several variants of each figure.

Check out the quick video above, to get a look at the new DC Slammers!

Official images of each Slammer below.

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About Imaginext:

Introduced at 2002 Toy Fair, the Imaginext System is a brand of role-playing adventure toys designed for kids 3 or older and made by Fisher-Price.


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