No one in their right mind would have ever assumed that this figure would see the light of day, but leave it to Figures Toy Company to do the impossible.

Figures Toy Company is pleased to announced that The Riddler is slated to join Joker and Batman in the new toy line based on the TV show New Adventures of Batman, without ever having battled Batman on it!

This is confusion that only someone like The Riddler could be responsible for, so let’s clear it up for collectors. Because he was already appearing in “Challenge of the Super Friends”, neither Riddler nor Scarecrow were available to be used on the new Batman cartoon. However, The Riddler is shown in the opening of the show, dressed a little differently. Using that cameo in the cartoon as inspiration, FTC has crafted an all new Riddler figure featuring him in the pink jumpsuit as shown in the intro to The New Adventures of Batman! Now collectors can enjoy this rare sight of Riddler in pink for a long time to come!

Figures Toy Company – The New Adventures of Batman – The Riddler

Check out the intro to the show below, to get a quick look at The Riddler from his only appearance…

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Figures Toy Company was formed in 1998 and began producing high-end professional wrestling belt replicas. The company’s product line has since expanded to contain replica masks and action figures, including collectible retro characters from television shows of the past. Here’s your chance to own action figures of the key characters from your favorite TV series and episodes… and fire up those memories!

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