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A few days ago, Spin Master treated everyone to the first look at their upcoming 4-inch DC Comics action figure line. Most of what was revealed was from Entertainment Earth’s unveiling of the new line. However, in recent days, new figures have started to show up on store shelves in various places like Wal-Mart and Target.

I want to take a step back for a second and look at what has officially been confirmed for this line. We will start off with a recap of the initial announcement.

The initial announcement consisted of:

Batman 4-inch Action Figures

Now word comes of even more figures making their debut on store shelves in recent days.

  • Cyborg Action Figure
  • Shazam Action Figure
  • The Flash Action Figure
  • Superman Action Figure
  • Black Suit Superman Action Figure
  • Mega Gear King Shark
DC Universe 4-inch Action Figures
DC Universe 4-Inch Mega Gear King Shark
DC Universe 4-Inch Mega Gear King Shark

In addition to the new King Shark, Target has exclusive versions of King Shark and Batman as well.

There is also a 3-pack “Swamp” themed set which includes Swamp themed Batman and Robin, and Killer Croc. The set is called Swamp Showdown.

It will be interesting to see how well these sell. I am most interested in seeing how interested kids are in these toys. That will be the ultimate test for this line and its longevity.

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Spin Master (TSX: TOY; is a leading global children’s entertainment company that creates, designs, manufactures, licenses and markets a diversified portfolio of innovative toys, games, products and entertainment properties. Spin Master is best known for award-winning brands including Zoomer®, Bakugan®, Erector® by Meccano®, Hatchimals®, Air Hogs® and PAW Patrol®. Since 2000, Spin Master has received 103 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations with 28 wins across a variety of product categories, including 13 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year. To date, Spin Master has produced nine television series, including 2007 success Bakugan Battle Brawlers and current hit PAW Patrol, which is broadcast in over 160 countries and territories globally. Spin Master has 28 offices and employs over 1,700 people globally in Canada, United States, Mexico, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Australia.

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