Do you have fond memories of playing Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis? Well Storm Collectibles has an amazing new piece that will set your shelves on fire! The company will be releasing the dreaded Skeleton Soldier from the game! Check out the details below.

SKELETON, also known as Skeleton Soldier, is an enemy in Golden Axe, an undead warrior summoned by Death Adder’s magic. Skeletons are equipped with a sword and a shield. They are notable for possessing all of the basic attacks the protagonist has (Dash Attack, Jumping Attack, etc). (ref: Fandom Wiki)


  • 2 x Skeleton’s Full Articulated Body
  • 10 x Pair of Hands
  • 2 x The Skeleton’s Sword
  • The Skeleton’s Shield (right hand)
  • The Skeleton’s Shield (left hand)

Here is a look at the Sega Genesis game if you don’t remember…

About Storm Collectibles:

Storm Collectibles is a Hong Kong based designer and manufacturer of action figures, distributing their products globally since 2010. They make high quality collectible action figures, officially-licensed, ranging from world-class iconic figures like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, to popular movie and combat gaming characters like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.


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