Alien prepare yourself! Calling all colonial marines! Get ready to gear-up and take on the most fearsome creatures to inhabit planet lv- 426 and beyond in an epic space battle! The dreaded xenomorphs have multiplied in vast numbers, threatening the lives that inhabit space colonies reaching to the far ends of the universe. Gather your crew to take on, fight, and eradicate the ever-growing numbers of these terrifying aliens!

The Xenomorph Swarm set includes Xenomorph Drone, Xenomorph Egg, Facehugger and Research Scientist Figure with Weapon.

The Xenomorph Runner set includes Xenomorph Runner, Weyland Commando Figure and Planetary Rover Bike.

The 12″ Posable Alien Queen is a Giant Posable Action Creature that stands 12″ tall!

There is currently no word on when and where these will be available. Lanard typically sells their ‘The Corps Time Crisis‘ figures at Walmart, but I don’t know if the Alien line will be aimed at the same demographic as that of The Corps line.

Look for more information about this line soon.

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About Lanard:

Every year LANARD continues to innovate new products bringing fun and enjoyment to kids of all kinds… even the big kids! Alongside the evolution of their products, it has introduced new versions of its own CORPS!® range of action figures and story line, brought uniqueness to its Outdoor art-based Chalkie™ line of products, as well as further expanded their customer base to a wider global market. LANARD has transformed the way it designs and innovates through organized workflow and a creative strategy which further reduces their development time. They truly desire to consistently bring their fans and customers great, lasting products each and every year.


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