Action Force Figures
Action Force Figures

Kickstarter can be an amazing thing for product developers. With each new Kickstarter comes the highs and lows of the product being funded, or taken back to formula. For Bobby Vala, his first attempt at creating Action Force (a 6 inch scaled military figure line) missed the cut, and forced him to rethink how he could get his line to market.

After “going back to formula”, Vala decided to bring it back to Kickstarter for one more try. Narrowing the scope of the offerings and taking into account fan feedback, the new attempt took off quickly. Now with eight days left until the end of the campaign, Action Force has been funded and will see the light of day!

Action Force Figures
Action Force Figures

While the line has been successfully funded, stretch goals are still available to unlock! Most of them should interest collectors, so if you haven’t “kicked in” to the Kickstarter yet, you might want to get in there before it is too late. Also consider increasing your pledge for either another figure or more to help get some of those stretch goals in the bag as well.

Congratulations Bobby Vala! Hopefully this is just a small start for even bigger things to come from Action Force!

About Valaverse:

Valaverse is a design house specializing in premium consumer toy products. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Valaverse brings the next evolution of premium action figures with its flag ship brand, Action Force.

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