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Fans of G.I. Joe rejoice! The latest news coming from our friends at Hisstank.com is fantastic! Artist Furio Tedeschi recently updated his Linkedin page to announce that he is currently working as a Freelance Production Artist for Hasbro on their upcoming G.I. Joe toyline.

Not only did he change his current job on Linkedin, but the description he added to it, specifically mentions his work for them as, “Production Illustrations for G.I. Joe Franchise“.

Tedeschi is most famous for his work on Transformers: Bumblebee, A Quiet Place (freelance for Paramount) and Pacific Rim (WB/Legendary). He has previously worked with McFarlane Toys for several lines of action figures.

With a new Snake Eyes film in the works, this is probably related to toys based on that film. There is no current word on if these will be traditional 1/18 scale figures, or a larger 1/12 scale figure that Hasbro likes to produce (think Star Wars: The Black Series, Marvel Legends, etc…). Depending on when we get our first footage from that film, will probably determine when we will get a first look at the toys. Toy Fair 2020 might be a good time…

About Hasbro:

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