Fans of Action Force got some great news today in their inboxes. Bobby Vala provided an update on the status of one of the stretch goal figures. It seems that the figure Eclipse has drawn so much fan interest, that Bobby has decided to push her up the list as an earlier stretch goal. you can read the official information below. Of course you can get in on the “action” by visiting the Action Force Kickstarter page now.

Thank you to all of the new backers since the last update. You’ve joined our squad and strengthened our numbers for the push towards the goal.  

I’ve received a great deal of comments regarding the female figures and Eclipse in general. There is an overwhelming response for these figures and I’ve been asked to move them as a closer stretch goal. The Action Force line has grown based on fan feedback and this is another instance where I have listened. I’ve spoken with my representative for the factory to see what could be done about this request. I’m happy to say that Eclipse will be moving up and is now an earlier stretch goal. Please note that moving a figure up in the stretch goal order is not as easy as it may seem. There are a great deal of factors regarding costing, tooling plans, etc. that go into the layout of the stretch goals. As the plan stands, this is the best possible option that is available. 

Thank you again for being such loyal followers helping bring this project to life. Please help spread the word and sway those who have not pledged yet.  

The Kickstarter is set to expire in 25 days. The goal is to raise $99,000 to make this set possible and as of this writing it sits at $65,802. There are various tiers to buy into and every little bit helps. If you are interested in a nice 6″ scale military line, Action Force is the line you have been waiting for!

About Valaverse:

Valaverse is a design house specializing in premium consumer toy products. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Valaverse brings the next evolution of premium action figures with its flag ship brand, Action Force.

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