Is your skeleton army in need of an upgrade? Are they not quite up to taking on the Knights and Spartans all on their own? Boss Fight Studio is pleased to introduce their second Deluxe Accessory Kit.

Like the Gladiator set, the parts and accessories come fully painted and ready to add to your skeleton figures straight out of the box. Included in the set are 5 new heads, 3 sets of boots, which can fit on the female figures as well as the skeletons, a set of wings, weapons, bits of clothing and 2 new sets of hands! The paint on the accessory kit is a direct match for their Carded Vitruvian HACKS Warrior Skeleton, which, lucky you, is 25% off on their website until the end of the month. The Skeleton Deluxe Accessory set goes up for preorder on Halloween night at 10pm EST. Don’t miss out on this preorder, they don’t expect this set to haunt their warehouse for long!

Visit today to add to your collection!

About Boss Fight Studio:

Boss Fight Studio is a creator owned small business dedicated to developing and producing captivating toys and action figures for collectors.


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