For those waiting patiently on updates for ROMA Collectibles’ upcoming Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Gazoge the Asperity Mage action figure, well we have some good news to share. ROMA Collectibles shared some news about the status of this figure (along with Megalopolis Toys’ exclusive Darvold Elven Swordmaster). Check out the information below…

I wanted to hop on here and give quick update about our upcoming Boss Fight Studio Exclusive figure, Gazoge the Asperity Mage. There was a slight little hiccup in production a while back. I knew about this, but never mentioned it publicly, because I’m never really sure what I can and can’t share, so mum’s usually the word.

Anyways, in one of the BF groups today, Erik Araña mentioned publicly what that issue was. “So, the unforeseen hold up on the two exclusives (For Roma and Megalopolis) and the wave 2 of Basics is that we had to re-tool the male pant legs. The tooling got damaged from use and had to be redone. It was a surprise but is fixed now and should finish up soon”.

So there you have it. Gazoge is finishing up, and once we get a guesstimated date of arrival we will open up pre orders. Again, thank you all for the continued interest in this figure and for all your support! And a HUGE thanks to the BFS crew for bringing us the best 4″ figures on the market!

About Boss Fight Studio:

Boss Fight Studio is a creator owned small business dedicated to developing and producing captivating toys and action figures for collectors.


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