Figures Toy Company has released a teaser image of their upcoming Falcon 7 figure from Birdman and the Galaxy Trio line. Like most of their recent teases, there is currently no release date supplied for the figure, but we assume it is relatively soon.

Falcon 7 is a nice addition for anyone familiar with the beloved Saturday morning show, and his being turned into a toy for the Birdman line is just another example of Figures Toy Company making the most of the extensive list of characters that are available to them with their Hanna Barbera license.

Check out the teaser image below.

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About Figures Toy Company:

Figures Toy Company was formed in 1998 and began producing high-end professional wrestling belt replicas. The company’s product line has since expanded to contain replica masks and action figures, including collectible retro characters from television shows of the past. Here’s your chance to own action figures of the key characters from your favorite TV series and episodes… and fire up those memories!


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