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Wow, it has been an exciting almost 10 year run with! I have met lots of people and made new friends from industry folk, to passionate fans. There has been lots of heartache, money spent, and good times to boot! My life has change quite a bit in that time as well. I have been through the loss of a parent, position promotions, the death of a long beloved pet, and my other parent getting remarried.

Through all of this I have never lost my passion for DC Comics. I have gained so much more though. I have always had other interests in the toy realm, and some of those interests have grown beyond the single interest of one franchise. I have come to appreciate the level of detail and manufacturing that goes into toys and action figures in general.

Recently I have enjoyed up and coming company’s producing action figures that are above and beyond anything from big companies (Boss Fight Studio, Four Horsemen Studios, Marauders Inc., etc…). I want to share that news with you as well, so that you can enjoy these figures just as much as I do!

All that to say, that DCCollectors is changing to While you can still find the latest DC Comics toy news (in fact I have created a page within FigureAttack that focuses just on DC Comics toy news) on this site, our focus is becoming a little bigger.

Figure Attack will be your source for action figure/toy news. I will cover not just DC Comics toy news, but Marvel toy news, Star Wars toy news, Masters of the Universe toy news, and so much more! I have made many contacts in the industry over the years and now I want to share all of the information with you, and not just that information focused on DC Comics.

With that said, I know that this might make some of the site’s readers frustrated, which is why I created the DC Comics toy news page that is focused strictly on DC toy news. You will always be able to find that franchise specific news on that page.

I hope that you will continue on this journey with me, as I go forward sharing even more toy news each and every day. Thanks for the first 10 years, and I look forward to 10 more with you!

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