Maven Collectibles has started a brand new Kickstarter to help fund production for their Titan Figure Body.

The Titan Body is a new and original articulated Male blank body action figure, representing a larger humanoid or monster body type found in comics, movies, and animation. Titan is 1:12th (6” inch) Scale however he stands a whopping 9” inches tall (228.6mm/22.86cm)! He will be no slouch compared to your bigger Mezco One:12 Collective Figures, Build-A-Figure Marvel Legends behemoths, DC Classics Collect & Connect style New Gods, NECA & Mafex monstrosities, and… Oh you get the point!

The upcoming figure has over 30 points of articulation! Double jointed elbows/knees, abdominal crunch, an improved ankle pivot/toe articulation, new crotch/thigh joint for split range, waist swivel, butterfly shoulders, and a 2 part neck system for strong head range are some key highlights. Continuing Maven’s trend from the Superheroine body types, they are furthering and strengthening their range, breakdown, and quality.

For $70, you get 1 Titan Body with ALL ACCESSORIES! One body will include all 4 hand pairs, boots & bare feet, all 6 head/expression sculpts, all 5 hair pieces, and 1 pair of articulated hands.

Check out some pics of the Titan below.

Titan Figure Body
Titan Figure Build out showcasing all articulation.

You can currently show your support by chipping in or securing a Titan figure from Maven Collectibles’ Kickstarter (which as of this writing has 24 days to go).

About Maven Collectibles:

Maven Collectibles LLC is a model kit production and 3D Design company from Richmond, VA. Our mantra is delivering the highest quality product to date with smart engineering and luxurious materials. We believe in keeping the hobbyist at the heart for all our products. This is to help ensure value back in a collector’s display and investment. From sharing our approaches with Chaz Fitzhugh (Senior Account Director of Consumer Products) @ Warner Bros. Headquarters (Burbank, CA), creating award winning model-kits, designing new product sculpts for companies & artists, and to delivering thousands of Superheroine action figures last year (from our successful Kickstarter)…

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