Last week we shared with you a look at the size comparison between Super 7’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures and the original figures by Playmates. The first two comparisons were between Raphael and Splinter’s old and new figures. Today the sculptors behind these new figures, Four Horsemen Studios, have released an image showcasing the size difference between the old Playmates Foot Soldier and their new release of the figure.

We are edging closer and closer to a pre-order for these outstanding figures! Will you be dropping your hard earned cash on these figures? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

About Super 7:

Founded in 2001, Super7® is the premier pop-culture design house and producer of lifestyle-oriented collectibles, toys and apparel based in San Francisco.

Led by designer Brian Flynn, Super7® has harnessed the graphics, aesthetics and energy of his youthful obsession with science fiction, giant monsters, comic books, punk rock, skateboarding, robots and rebellion to build a unique and innovative business that crosses all categories and is not bound by traditional manufacturing boundaries.

Besides its own branded products, Super7 has also designed, manufactured, and distributed officially licensed programs for Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, the original Alien and Planet of the Apes movies, as well as for music legends Iron Maiden, the Misfits, and King Diamond.

Super7® now brings that same unique aesthetic to its new line, Supersports™ by Super7®, to create a new multi-category line of unique collectibles for sport fans worldwide and lead by its brand-new licensing agreement with Major League Baseball.


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