Mattel has revealed their DC Comics San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives. Included in their offering is a Batman 6″ Scale Figure 4-Pack, featuring four very different takes on the Caped Crusader. The 80pg. Giant Batman: The Strange Lives of Batman Box Set includes a classic Batman, a Negative Suit Batman from Detective Comics #284, a Zebra Stipe Batman from Detective Comics #275, and a Rainbow Batman from Detective Comics #241. The set will be priced at $80.

The other item is a Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile, with a shield and scaled Batman figurine. The shield can be placed over the Batmobile or displayed separately. The Batmobile, the shield, and the Batman figurine are all diecast metal and priced at $25.

If you can’t make the convention, on June 17th, Mattel will open up pre-orders for these items on their site. They will ship out after the convention.

This news is sort of surprising, given that their “collectors” license is expiring in a few months. Of course, being that all the figures are the same sculpt, with different paint applications probably added to the feasibility of doing them.

About Mattel:

Mattel, the largest toy company in the world, was founded in 1945. It produces a huge range of dolls, toys, games, and video games for boys and girls of all ages. In addition to the company’s very-well-known lines like Barbie and Hot Wheels, Mattel also provides merchandise under license to some of the world’s most famous properties. Many of the firm’s products have become a part of our culture and one would be hard pressed to find any adult in this country who has not owned, played with, or at least touched one of Mattel’s myriad of toys.


    • Curious, but what do you not like about them? They aren’t for me either, but just wondering what others think about them.

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