Soap Studio Reveals New The Dark Knight Two-Face Figure


Soap Studio has revealed official information and photos of their upcoming The Dark Knight 1/12 scale Two-Face figure. Two-Face features the likeness of Aaron Eckhart and looks just like he stepped off the screen. Check out all of the details below!

“The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair.” – Two Face

Since the moment of disfigured, kind and gentle prosecutor Harvey Dent become double-sided mad man and begins an obsession who making decision of life and death with a silver coin.

In the 2008 “The Dark Knight” Aaron Eckhart plays as Two Face who was Gotham City’s prosecutor with a justice heart and try all the best to take down the mob. Yet his justice becomes beginning of his tragedy, the mob bosses turn to Joker and this sadistic psychopath burn Dent’s left face.

This collectible figure stand approximately 16.7cm, designed after THE DARK KNIGHT(2008) characters on-screen appearance with 27 movable joint and highly detailed costumes and accessories!Facial sculpture with high simulation, meticulous painting and clothing made of real fabrics perfectly present the character played by Aaron Eckhart!

Accessories included:

  • Two Face Sculpted Head x1
  • Coin x3
  • Pin x1
  • Burnt Suit x1
  • Revolver x1
  • Hand Parts x 8 (Revolver holding hand part x2, coin holding hand part x2, fist hand part x2, relax hand part x2)
  • Stand x1

Price : HKD 548

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