Toy Fair 2019: Hiya Toys Injustice 2 Figures

Injustice 2 Figures from Hiya Toys
Injustice 2 Figures from Hiya Toys

Next up on our tour of Toy Fair 2019 comes a look at the fantastic 3 3/4″ line of Injustice 2 action figures from Hiya Toys. Hiya Toys is building a fantastic line and I absolutely can’t wait to get these in hand to play with them.

On display are The Joker, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Red Hood, Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing. If you remember from a few days ago, we got a look at 3D sculpts of the Supergirl and Wonder Woman figures. The painted prototypes are on display now at Toy Fair.

Hopefully during the course of the weekend, Hiya will reveal a couple more figures in development. Until then, or if they even show off more, you can enjoy the two images below, featuring the line-up of toys so far.

Injustice 2 Figures from Hiya Toys
Injustice 2 Figures from Hiya Toys

You can currently pre-order the first four figures in this line from out affiliate site Entertainment Earth!

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About Hiya Toys:

Founded in 2011, Hiya Toys is an innovative company focusing on new ideas for handmade models and toys. The firm is located in the heart of Shanghai.


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