McFarlane Toys Spells the End for DC Collectibles?

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A few weeks ago, we learned that DC Collectibles had been folded into the Warner Bros Consumer Products division. We didn’t know quite how to take that information, but some more informed people in the industry that I talked with thought that this might be the death nail for DC Collectibles.

It appears that they were right. In a new article from IGN that piggy-backs off of the McFarlane Toys DC license deal, the site interviewed Todd McFarlane about the new acquisition. He talks at length about his hopes and dreams for what they can accomplish and that fans of high-end, high-quality action figures shouldn’t worry. The most intriguing part of the article was this little nugget of information below…

In addition to stepping in for Mattel, McFarlane Toys will also focus on the market previously covered by DC Collectibles (which was recently folded into WB’s Consumer Products Divison as part of a larger corporate restructuring). That means fans can expect high-end collectibles like statues and busts from McFarlane along with traditional action figures. McFarlane told us, “With DC Collectibles taking a step back, there’ll be a void there, and they want me to sort of step up and take some of that momentum on myself.

This news seemingly confirms that DC Collectibles will either be winding down their business, or at the very least focusing on something else. To me it sounds like the company that gave us so many great pieces, will be closing shop by 2020.

Stay tuned for more information as Toy Fair 2019 is just days away!

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