SYFY Takes a Tour of John Byrne’s Studio


John Byrne is no doubt one of the biggest contributors to the success of modern day comics. In 1986, Byrne took a Superman, which had largely become an afterthought, and turned him back into the biggest hero on the planet with his mini-series Man of Steel. He continued his Superman rebirth tale in the pages of the newly relaunched Superman series and continued into Action Comics as well.

SYFY recently took a tour of the legendary artist and storyteller’s studio. The video above showcases some of the fantastic art and collectibles in Byrne’s collection. Byrne owns some fantastic pieces of comic book history in original art pages, and has a large collection of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman collectibles.

Check out the video above!

The legendary comic book artist gave us a tour of his studio and comic book art collection. Spoiler alert: He loves comic book figures almost as much as us.

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