So, About All of Those Batman Film Rumors…

Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

For a few weeks now, Batman rumors have started to rev up around the web. It seems everyone has an “exclusive rumor” about who will be the new Batman, Ben Affleck staying as Batman, the villains of the upcoming trilogy and more. But what is fact, what is fiction, and what is semi-true?

Thanks to Mark Hughes over at Forbes, we can finally start putting the pieces together and confirm or deny some of these rumors.

The article states that fans need to calm down and be patient. Hughes points out that Warner Bros has produced several DC films in the past few years and that in the past 20 years, Batman has either had a film, or appeared in a film 6 times, 7 if you count The LEGO Batman Movie. The company is not in a hurry to put out another Batman movie, that doesn’t get it exactly right!

What we do know…

Matt Reeves is a critically acclaimed director, who will be helming the new films. He has made it clear his Batman movie will be a noirish detective story, heavily emphasizing Batman’s investigative and criminology skills in a way we’ve somehow still never seen fully explored on screen.

Is Ben Affleck returning?

There are still fans hoping he returns to the role after all, but right now the project is still firmly written and planned for a new, younger version of Batman portrayed by a different actor. While we should never say never in Hollywood, the fact is it would require a significant change in plans and situations for Affleck to rejoin the project, and I don’t expect that to happen.

Is the Penguin in the film?

The Penguin is one of a few villains appearing in the film. The character was reportedly previously part of the Birds of Prey project before being replaced by the crime lord Black Mask, in order to reserve the Penguin’s first new on-screen appearance for Reeves’ Batman movie. 

When should we expect a new Batman film in theaters?

The Batman is now tentatively slated for a 2021 release date, with a possibility of being pushed to 2022. The reason for this is simple: the start of production later this year means production won’t be completed until late-2020 or early-2021, followed by the necessary marketing lead-in period.

Is Jack O’Connell the new Batman?

O’Connell would be a great choice to play Batman. But as of now, O’Connell has apparently not had any discussions with the studio about playing Batman, and the rumors about this appear to be more a reflection of the conversation that sprang up and resulted in O’Connell’s name being repeated and echoed enough that it echoed back out from some corners at Warner Bros.

Sum it all up for us!

To sum this all up, it is still too early to really know anything about the upcoming Batman film. Yes it will happen. Yes we understand it to be a trilogy. Yes the Penguin will be the villain. Yes it will start production late 2019. Yes Matt Reeves is directing it. Other than that, there is no solid information.

Keep in mind there are still four more DC movies in development or close to release; Shazam!, The Joker, Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Let’s try and focus on those for awhile, and let the Batman simmer for a bit.


  1. Great, the writer endorses a midget to play Batman. Well, maybe Jack O’Connell is not a midget, but what’s the director going to do. Have him stand on a box whenever he’s in a scene with anyone taller than 5ft 7in. It’ll be like Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher and we all know that’s getting a reboot without Cruise in favor of anyone taller than 6 ft.

    • Come on, he is officially 5ft 8in! LOL, seriously I am not sure who the guy is, as I don’t think I have ever seen him in anything. Movie magic can make anyone taller though. Although I do agree that anyone that plays Batman needs to be taller.

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