What’s to Come for Mattel’s DC Multiverse in 2019?

DC Multiverse 2019
DC Multiverse 2019

With SpinMaster taking over the DC action toys license from Mattel in early 2020, know one is still quite sure of the status of the DC Multiverse line. Will Mattel still make a collectors line of DC action figures (DC Multiverse), does SpinMaster get total control?

UPDATE – We now know that McFarlane Toys will be making the collector’s line of DC Comics toys.

Unfortunately, that information has been less than definite from either side at this point. As fans, we are only left to speculate on what may or may not happen in April of 2020.

I wanted to take a few minutes and go over what we can expect from Mattel in regards to their DC Multiverse line in 2019. Mattel still has the license, and with molds already made, and figures already solicited, there has been no indication that things will not proceed along as normal, until the license expires.

Let’s take a look at what has already been shown, and what to expect from the line in 2019. This information has been taken from images shown by Mattel toy designers, solicitations issued by Mattel, and some good old fashion speculation (notice I put that word in bold and italics, so please don’t kill the messenger here).

DC Multiverse Walgreens Exclusive Bizarro

First up is a figure that we thought would be in hand already. The Walgreens exclusive Bizarro figure. This was shown at Toy Fair 2018, with the Collect n Connect Lex Luthor line. This line has been out for some time now, with no sign of the Bizarro figure.

I think we can probably expect this one to start showing up any day now.

Walgreens Exclusive DC Multiverse Bizarro Action Figure

DC Multiverse Signature Series Wave

Next on the list are the two Signature Series action figures, The Penguin from Batman Returns and The Joker from The Dark Knight. We can 100% confirm that these will be out, though no specific date. It will most likely be soon, as Big Bad Toy Store just put these up for pre-order. We have no official images of either figure yet (that I am aware of).

DC Multiverse Shazam! Wave

Sometime soon we should be hearing word on a Shazam! wave, if there is one in the plans. I would think that this would be a given, but you never really know.

I am just guessing here, but if there were a wave, it would include at least Shazam!, Billy Batson and Doctor Sivana. Now there are rumors out there for other characters in the film, but I will leave that out of the equation for now, because we just don’t know for sure.

DC Multiverse Batman Ninja Wave

The next wave would be the Batman Ninja assortment. This wave features Batman “Batman Ninja”, Beast Boy Rebirth, Black Lightning (The CW), John Stewart Green Lantern, The Joker “Batman Ninja”, Nightwing Rebirth, Starfire Rebirth and Wally West Rebirth.

Ex Mattel toy designer Jason Langston has posted lots of great images on his Behance page. Images of this wave have all been posted on his account. If I had to nail down a time frame for this, I would definitely say a summer release for this wave.

DC Multiverse Killer Croc Wave

Next we have a wave of figures that are dubbed the Killer Croc wave. I pulled this information from Joe Acevedo who runs a fantastic site with all sorts of DC Multiverse information. This wave supposedly includes Alfred Pennyworth, Batman (Dick Grayson), The KGBeast Rebirth, Katana Rebirth, Red Robin Rebirth and a Collect n Connect Killer Croc.

There are only a few images scattered about the Internet of three of these figures. I am not sure where Joe pulled this information, but has been at this a long time, and I am sure his sources are accurate.

DC Multiverse 2019 Left-Overs

This would leave a few figures without waves. Most of these figures were seen at Toy Fair 2018, and some were seen from Jason Langston. These figures include Aquaman Flashpoint, Black Canary Rebirth, Hawkgirl Rebirth, Mammoth Rebirth (Collect n Connect), Simon Baz Rebirth.

Are these figures all in the same wave, or are there in multiple waves? Will these figures ever see the light of day? Only 2019 holds the answers. I personally feel like they will make it into collectors hands in some way this year, and maybe into the early part of next. Check out the images below…

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what might be coming in 2019. Again, lots of this article is speculation, but speculation based on prototypes shown and other information gathered from solicitations and other credible websites.

What will you be picking up, and what do you wish would be made before the Mattel license is up? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


    • I believe that we will get those figures in some way this year. Remember that the license doesn’t run out until spring of 2020. I am sure Mattel will be looking to make as much from the license as they can before then.

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