Green Lantern The Animated Series Hits the DC Universe App

Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Green Lantern: The Animated Series

One of the most requested series for The DC Universe platform is now available to stream! Green Lantern: The Animated Series officially hit the app Tuesday.

Hal Jordan’s first animated show (well technically he was in Super Friends, The New Superman Adventures, and Justice League Unlimited) lasted for just one season, reportedly ending because of lackluster toy sales. Unlike the 2011 live-action Green Lantern movie, Green Lantern: The Animated Series barely spent any time on Earth. The action-packed and character-driven series flew right past the usual origin story and secret identity storyline so it could fully embrace Green Lantern universe.

If you are a current subscriber you can check out the show right now! If you aren’t a subscriber, you can setup an account right now!

About Green Lantern: The Animated Series:

Green Lantern: The Animated Series follows the adventures of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and his fellow warrior ally, Kilowog against the series’ main antagonists, the Red Lanterns, led by the villain Atrocitus, and the Manhunters. The series officially aired on March 3, 2012, with a new episode airing every week since then.

GLTAS starred Josh Keaton (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern), Kevin Michael Richardson (Kilowog, Mogo, Skallox), Grey DeLisle (Aya, Bleez), Jason Spisak (Razor), and Jonathan Adams (Atrocitus).

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