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Fandango Names ‘The Joker’ as One of 2019’s Most Anticipated Films

USA Today has released some great information about a recent Fandango poll concerning movies in 2019. Both The Joker and Shazam! have spots in three of the categories including Most Anticipated Movie, Most Anticipated Actor, and Most Anticipated New Standalone Comic Book Movie.

Of course the Marvel and Star Wars movies of the world are always going to rank high, especially with the established viability of these franchises, but Fandango’s Erik Davis said that there is some strong interest in DC Entertainment’s upcoming movie The Joker.

“Fans are excited that interesting, unique people are making this,” led by “Hangover” director Todd Phillips, says Davis. “They are itching to see DC take risks and do things that are different.”

Shazam! also makes the top five in another list, specifically for comic book films, so it would have been very worrisome if it didn’t show up.

You can see the three lists below, and where The Joker and Shazam! rank among them.

Most anticipated movie

  1. “Avengers: Endgame” (April 26)
  2. “Captain Marvel” (March 8)
  3. “Star Wars: Episode IX” (Dec. 20)
  4. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (July 5)
  5. “Toy Story 4” (June 21)
  6. “Glass” (Jan. 18)
  7. “The Lion King” (July 19)
  8. “Aladdin” (May 24)
  9. “Dumbo” (March 29)
  10. “Joker” (Oct. 4)

Most anticipated actor

  1. Tom Hanks (“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” “Toy Story 4”)
  2. Robert Downey Jr. (“Avengers: Endgame”)
  3. Chris Evans (“Avengers: Endgame”)
  4. Samuel L. Jackson (“Glass,” “Captain Marvel,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home”)
  5. Bruce Willis (“Glass”)
  6. Will Smith (“Aladdin”)
  7. Dwayne Johnson (“Hobbs and Shaw,” “Jumanji” sequel)
  8. Joaquin Phoenix (“Joker”)
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”)
  10. James McAvoy (“Glass,” “Dark Phoenix,” “It: Chapter Two”)

Most anticipated new standalone comic book movie

  1. “Captain Marvel”
  2. “Joker”
  3. “Dark Phoenix”
  4. “Shazam!”
  5. “Hellboy”

Which of the two DC films are you most excited to see, The Joker or Shazam!? Leave your thoughts in the appropriate places.

SourceUSA Today
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