Titan Magazine Loses License for UK Newsstand Editions

Batman 33 (UK Newsstand Edition)
Batman 33 (UK Newsstand Edition)

It appears that not only did DC Entertainment do some switching with their toy license, but they have also made a switch with there newsstand license for the UK. Of late fans have made it clear that they were tired of shipping issues with these comics and this could have had something to do with the switch.

All current issues have now been cancelled by Titan, leaving many to speculate that someone else will be picking up the license very soon. You can read Titan’s news release about the situation below.

Titan Magazines regrets to announce that it will no longer be publishing the DC Comics range after December.

Back issues will still be available to order and all subscribers will be contacted. For any queries please call 01778 392085 or email titanmagazines@warnersgroup.co.uk.

Thank you to all our loyal readers over the years.

So what company is left to pick up the ball after Titan leaves? Panini, Egmont and Hachette are big names, or could it be some company out of left field (similar to Spin Master taking the toy license)? Looks like the next few weeks will tell the tale.

Batman 33 (UK Newsstand Edition)
Batman 33 (UK Newsstand Edition)

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