Amy Adams Unsure of Return to the DCEU

Amy Adams in Justice League
Amy Adams in Justice League

In a recent interview, Amy Adams was asked about her status as Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe. The actress told the interviewer that she thought she was through with the character.

Now Adams seems to have made a 180 on those comments. Speaking at a press junket over the weekend for the movie Vice, Adams gave a different take on her status in the DC universe.

“You know what’s funny? I actually don’t know,” she said. “I haven’t had any official conversation with anybody. I was just talking with Nicole Kidman about it, and I was like, ‘Oh, I guess I’ve got to be careful what I say!’ But yeah, I haven’t had any word officially.”

This is the second clarification of an actor’s status in the last few days. At the New York premiere of Aquaman, Jason Momoa mentioned that Henry Cavill was done with Superman, then a few days later at the LA premiere, Momoa said that Cavill was far from done as Superman.

Could this be the Warner Bros. police getting stories straight? Maybe Henry is close to resigning as the ‘Man of Steel’ for a few more movies, and Warners is wanting to drive the commentary on the status of their actors.

I guess only time will tell, but it is good news that we have these actors backtracking on their previous responses…

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