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Watch Rick Baker Sculpt The Joker Bust from DC Collectibles

What happens when you bring one of the most highly regarded special effects makeup artists together with one of comics’ most terrifying super-villains? You get the frightening and absolutely spectacular DC Gallery Edition Joker Bust from the Academy Award-winning Rick Baker and DC Collectibles. Landing in stores next week, the high-end collectible is reproduced in 1:1 scale, allowing for an unprecedented amount of detail, intricacy and realism. It melds the vivid imagination of the makeup artist behind movies like Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, An American Werewolf in London, The Nutty Professor, Men in Black and TV’s Beauty and the Beast with the legacy of DC’s Batman universe resulting in a must-see piece for fans of the Dark Knight and Baker’s legendary work.

How the project came about is a lesson for some other great companies out there; let your artists run with their creativity. Here is what Rick said about the beginnings of his work on this bust.

“It started when I visited my daughter Veronica, who works at DC. I went through the Collectibles department there and was impressed by everything, and one of the guys asked if I’d consider doing something for them. I gave him what can only be called a not-very-enthusiastic maybe. I’d just retired from the film industry, and one of the main reasons I retired is that I’d gotten fed up with too many different opinions, especially from people who didn’t know what they were talking about. I was looking forward to just doing my own thing and not having to deal with that.

I assumed DC had very specific things they wanted and that I’d be very art directed, and that’s not what I wanted to do. Also, most of what I saw were on the small side and I don’t do little very well, so I figured it would never happen.

Later, I was contacted seriously about it, so I decided to come down and talk to them about it. But I kind of warned my daughter. I said, “The only way I would do this is if they just let me do it without any input on their part, and I know they’re never going to agree to that. So, this probably isn’t going to happen.”

But I went down and talked to them, and I said that I don’t really do small, I’d like to do a 1:1, and I’m going to bring you a finished piece and that’s the first time you’re going to see it. I thought for sure they’d say no and tell me to get out of here, but to my surprise they said, “That’s kind of what we’re looking for. We want a different artist’s take on it.”

So, I told them I wanted to do the Joker because he’s the coolest, and they said that was okay. I wanted adequate time, and they told me they didn’t need it for a year and a half—and I said, “Well, I don’t want to take that long!”

Basically, everything I asked for, they said yes to, so I had to do it.”

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DC GALLERY: THE JOKER 1:1 BUST BY RICK BAKER comes in two different limited editions, Standard and Ultimate, which is pulled straight from Baker’s original molds and featuring his original deco. Both editions are available through comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers on October 31.

About Rick Baker:

Rick Baker is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated special makeup effects artists and is best known for his work on Hollywood blockbusters such as An American Werewolf in London, Men in Black, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Planet of the Apes, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Star Wars, the Thriller music video, among others. Having retired from the entertainment industry in 2015, Baker is now bringing his monster-making talent to one of DC’s most iconic Super-Villains, The Joker, and will bring to life his haunting take of the character as a high-end, life-size bust. Produced by DC Collectibles, The Joker Bust by Rick Baker is designed, sculpted and painted by Baker and will hit shelves in October 2018.’

About DC Collectibles:

DC Collectibles is the award-winning line of collectibles directly from the source—DC Entertainment. The collection includes limited-edition statues, action figures, prop replicas and busts inspired by DC’s iconic characters and stories. Based on unparalleled access to the source material, DC Collectibles delivers master designs and exceptional workmanship. For 20 years, DC Collectibles’ commitment to quality and authenticity has been recognized by DC fans worldwide.

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