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Five New Q-Posket Figures from Banpresto!

Banpresto is adding to their Q-Posket line of figures with a Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and the CW TV Supergirl. You can check out the details for these upcoming figures below!

There are times when Catwoman is on Batman’s side, and other times when she takes the criminal route. But this chibi 5.5″ DC Comics Q Posket version of Selina Kyle definitely PURRfers taking the huggable route. Covered head-to-toe in her more contemporary outfit, Catwoman’s skin-tight leather look is emulated by the addition of an extra shiny gloss coating!

By Zeus’ beard! Could there be a more regal pose in the DC Comics Q Posket universe than this one struck by Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman? We say thee nay! This particular 5.5″ chibi version of the heroic Princess of Thymescira pays homage to her classic comic book costume with the star-spangled bottoms. She’s even carrying a tiny Lasso of Truth!

DC Comics Q Posket does it again with their latest chibi heroine, Supergirl! This 5.5″ version of not-so mild-mannered Kara Danvers is wearing the version of Supergirl’s iconic outfit popularized by her Arrowverse TV show! You’ll notice that both her hair and red cape are wafting majestically while she confidently grins in the faces of National City’s evil-doers.


Product Features for Q-Posket Figures:

  • 5.51 inches (14cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Non-articulated
  • Fully painted

Each figure will be $24.99.

These figures will be in stores in May 2019!

Ashley Wilbanks
Owner and Managing Editor of and He loves comics, comic collectibles, movies, video games, and NFL Football.

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