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Primal Age Animation Footage “Found”!

This weekend saw the release of what appears to be a lost toy line called Primal Age that DC Comics and Marv Wolfman were working on in the 80’s. Today Pixel-Dan has posted a video featuring an animation test supposedly done for a show based on this line (you can watch it above). At this point I am very skeptical…

We have seen images of Funko’s upcoming line based on this series, floating around the Internet. Pixel-Dan seems almost like he is giving us the wink-wink, nod-nod business, the folks on DC Daily were overly eager to talk about it, and Dan DiDio gave us a little back story about the line that was a little to convenient.

I think this is just a great marketing campaign by the folks at DC Comics and Funko for a big reveal of the line at New York Comic-Con 2018 this weekend. Anyhoo, enjoy the animation above that features your favorite sounds from Super Friends to give it that early 80’s cartoon feel…

What do you think? As always, leave your thoughts in the appropriate places.

About Primal Age:

In 1983, Warner Bros. and DC Comics planned a line of toys centered around the heroes and villains of the DC Universe, set in an entirely new world of high fantasy, mighty warriors, and dark sorcery. This new initiative was called “Primal Age,” and it is rumored that Warner Bros. was working on an animated series to support the toy line. Supposedly, DC Comics was also planning a comic book tie-in, tapping one of their most popular writers, Marv Wolfman, to flesh out this world.

No official announcement for the toy line, animated series, or comic book were ever made, however some evidence that validates their existence has been discovered in the years since. According to sources at WB and DC Comics, concept sketches, packaging mock-ups, and a few prototype figures were developed, as well as an outline for the initial comic book story. For unknown reasons, the plans for the toys, animated series, and comic book were cancelled. -from the DCWikia.

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