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What Might Have Been: DC’s Primal Age Toy Line

UPDATE – You can now check out the official line from Funko here!

If you haven’t subscribed to the new DC Universe app, what are you waiting for? Not only will you be missing out on upcoming new series like Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, and Harley Quinn, but you will also miss out on little nuggets of information like this one, that started out as a question on the community board.

Apparently in the 80’s, critically acclaimed DC Comics writer Marv Wolfman, worked on a new comic book series, that was going to be a toy line as well. The line was called Primal Age and featured well known DC Comics characters in a barbarian type world. DC Daily released a look at some of the artwork done for the line, although no credit was given for the art.

My take (and remember this is just my opinion) is that Kenner decided to try and take on the juggernaut that was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. During that time period, Mattel made millions of dollars on the He-Man line, and kids were crazy about that style of action figure. Keep in mind that at that time, Star Wars was winding down and I am sure Kenner was looking for the next big thing to keep them going.

Of course, this line never made it to production, and the only thing we have are these drawings and an acknowledgement by Marv Wolfman on Twitter, that he actually did do work on this concept.

UPDATE – Funko is apparently taking this line and creating figures for it. If you look hard enough around the Internet, you will most likely find them… I am also assuming that the art below is not old stuff, but the designs for Funko’s figures as they look almost exactly like the prototypes floating around the Internet. Also the line looks to include 8 figures, 2 beasts, and 1 playset.

Check out some of the designs below.

Primal Age Aquaman
Primal Age Aquaman
Primal Age Batman
Primal Age Batman
Primal Age Green Lantern
Primal Age Green Lantern
Primal Age Wonder Woman
Primal Age Wonder Woman
Primal Age Batman vs The Joker
Primal Age Batman vs The Joker

To me this line is dying to be made into toys. Funko’s Savage World line would be an excellent place for this to land, and would fall in line with what they are currently doing with that line. Throw in a couple of battle beasts and fans would snap these up!

UPDATE 2 – Even more images were revealed through Pixel-Dan’s new video, featuring a Superman concept sketch as well!

Would this be something you would be interested in today? As always, sound off in the usual places.

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