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Jim Fletcher Talks New DC Core Statues from DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles is currently gearing up to release a new line of 9-inch PVC statues to give fans that don’t want to shell out big bucks for a statue, the opportunity to own a dynamic smaller statue for their display shelves. We have seen these in DC Collectibles’ official solicitations over the past few months, with the first state (Batman) scheduled to hit stores next month. The DC Core Line brings vibrant character, compact display size, and budget-conscious pricing together in an unbeatable way, and is sure to prove popular with collectors.

DC Collectibles’ Creative Director Jim Fletcher sat down with Entertainment Earth, to give fans the low-down on the new statues. According to Fletcher the reason behind this new line boils down to price point and flexibility. “They have the same quality and intricate attention to detail as our resin statues, but are far less fragile, and are at a lower price point. PVC material also allows for more dynamic poses, so you won’t see many of these designs anywhere else”, says Fletcher.

Fletcher says that each one of these statues takes around 10-12 months to develop, from the original concept sketch, until it’s in-store date. The statues went through several iterations from the design process to actual sculpting by Alejandro Pereira and David Pereira. After they are released to stores, the team at DC Collectibles will watch the market for them very closely, to decide wether or not to continue developing more.

Aside from the current five on pre-order, Fletcher said, “we have a few more surprises later next year as well!”

You can currently pre-order the DC Core Batgirl Statue, DC Core Batman Statue, DC Core The Joker Statue, DC Core The Flash PVC Statue or the DC Core Wonder Woman Statue from Entertainment Earth, today!

Which statues are you getting, and what characters would you like to see added to the line? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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About DC Collectibles:

DC Collectibles is the exclusive collectibles division of DC Comics, which manufactures and markets over 100 products each year. These fantastic items, ranging from action figures to cold-cast porcelain statues, are based on the world-famous DC Comics superheroes and other characters of the DC Universe. Each product is designed with the greatest attention to detail and authenticity. The DC Direct line is highly regarded and sought after by fans and collectors for its superior quality and limited availability. You can’t miss with collectibles from DC Collectibles.

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